I recently created a chatting application with the intention of having it update live and quickly realized I didn’t know what I needed to make that happen. When I first started looking at WebSockets, they seemed like a very scary thing and I wasn’t sure how to go about implementing them. So I just want to explain what they are and attempt to demystify them here.

A WebSocket is a transfer protocol, similar to HTTP or HTTPS — the two that most people are aware of. So to best understand WebSockets let’s first look at a standard HTTP request. Generally…

I’ve always heard people talk about how the programming languages of the web are html and css. But learning them is so different from any other language it doesn’t really feel like it should even qualify as a programming language. Funnily enough… it isn’t.

But wait a sec — if it’s not a programming language, then what is it? Well lets get this straight first… it is a language. More specifically its a “Markup Language”. In fact thats what the “ML” in HTML stands for! …

Upon first look Microsoft paint and the classic game of Minesweeper don’t have any similarities. But theres the same important algorithm behind both programs: Flood fill.

I recently made a minesweeper clone and had to do a bit of fumbling around this algorithm before i really understood it. So hopefully I can save you a bit of fumbling by taking a deeper dive into the algorithm here.

In minesweeper the flood fill is specifically used for when you click on an empty square. Maybe you’ve noticed that instead of one square being revealed you get a whole section of empty…

I was confused when I first learned about namespaced routes in rails because I had already learned about nested routes and the difference wasn’t immediately apparent, so I want to quickly lay out and look at the differences in the two and also talk about another way to namespace routes — using the scope method.

First let’s talk about the namespaced routes because I think that it is the most simple. Namespaced routes simply prepend the name before the route. For example:

this will result in these routes:

Social media comes in all shapes and sizes these days, and although they have different rules for how they handle things like friends or followers they have one thing in common. They all have a way for you to connect your account with the accounts of other users, after all, that’s what makes them “social”.

When I started a project to build a simple chat app, similar to what already exists on most social media apps today, but almost exactly like facebook messenger, where you can add friends and message them directly or in a group I quickly realized I…

class is important; both kinds

I’m sorry if I was a bit misleading but this article isn’t about the type of class that lives in a school. Instead today I’m talking about the kind of class that creates ruby objects and how during my first project for my coding bootcamp I learned just why they’re so important and how I could properly use them to make my programs more dynamic, more powerful, and easier to write!

So what exactly is a class? In simple terms a class is a framework to create objects in ruby that all have similar functionality or attributes; but more than…

2020 was a weird year; not just for me, but I was definitely included in the LONG list of people that had their lives completely changed by Covid-19.

I’ve been cooking as long as I can remember and from the perspective of my career it’s all I know. In high school I worked at a breakfast restaurant, after high school I went to culinary school, and then I moved to New York City and worked for one of the most famous chefs in the country. In fact from my junior year of high school, the only time that I wasn’t…

Kevin Jung

Student at Flatiron School

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