Why Ionic Is My New Favorite Tool As A Web Developer

I recently applied for a job as an application developer and came to find out during the interview process that the company was using ionic to develop its applications. I wanted to learn more about what Ionic was so I built a very simple application with it to try and learn/understand it, here are some of the things I learned.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is a framework for building web applications. It can be used alongside other frameworks such as React or Vue. What makes ionic interesting is that it comes prepacked with many design features built-in. When building an ionic app it takes almost no CSS to create a great-looking app.

What is good about Ionic?

The best part about Ionic in my opinion is the built-in tool that takes the code from your web application and ports it into apple and android apps as well. It is very easy to build one app and get a cross-platform application for all 3 platforms.

Minimal CSS makes building out apps quickly easy and fun.

Ionic is really a wrapper. Since you can use it with other frameworks or just their custom HTML tags it is very easy to pick up and doesn't require a lot of new learning.

What is bad about Ionic?

I think the one thing about Ionic that I really don't like is that even though it takes the need for CSS out of your app it does require a bit of extra code in the HTML/javascript department depending on what framework you are using to build your app. To get the most out of ionic there are specific templates that you have to follow and they can be long-winded in text.



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